Financial Data-driven Planning

Nowadays people become to understand the importance of data for their business. The only problem is, that many companies are overwhelmed by the amount of it, or do not have the time or resources to take a deep-dive into the data.
But using this data could bring enormous benefits in the form of saved costs, process improvements, increased advertisement efficiency, and generally increased sales.
According to a Forrester report, 60 percent and 73 percent of all data within an enterprise is not used for analytics and remains stored on some hard drive never to be seen again.

If we are taking a look at your data our company follows two basic principles yielding vast improvements in your business:


1. Cost Reduction

The first principle is cost reduction. We will take a look at your data to identify processes or areas where costs can be saved, or which areas could be optimized using either technology, HR, or delivery chain changes.

2. Increase sales and revenue

The second step includes identifying unseen opportunities in your data, or target demographics for your products that remain unseen in your data. This can include but is not limited to ad targeting, programmatic advertising, core customer identification, new sales channel generations, or increasing revenue of existing top sales channels.

Identifying hidden opportunities

Combining and identifying all your available data is a complex task, consisting of analyzing whether your stored data can be processed at all given law and regulations, transforming them into a usable format, using the right tools to process big data, and finally almost most importantly visualizing and discussing the findings.
We do not simply do our reports in a black box sending you a final email, we rather understand that your business is complex and can only be analyzed using our data background and your business knowledge. Let us work together to solve these milestones on your journey to greater revenue and cost optimization

  • Data regulations (GDPR, HIPAA, …)
  • Creation of a data catalog
  • Combining several sources to make the data usable (e.g. into a Data Lake)
  • Access regulation and logging (security)
  • Application of Big Data tools where Excel can not work
  • Working together to form a valid strategy for increased revenue
  • Training of staff to use the tools in the future
  • Building up your own Data department to reiterate these steps

The right tools for your situation

We can use unlimited resources in the cloud to process your data, which we can transform into a one-time report or even a live-dashboard that updates itself. Depending on the use-case this can range from an automated Email report to stakeholders to a high-performance neural network model that updates calculations in e.g. Microsoft Power BI or other BI tools.

Company Growth

Company growth is an important factor for young and established companies alike. To focus your precious and limited time on your most promising business fields is crucial, and can be identified in a workshop where we can take a look at your data. Identify your core customers, most promising business areas, or even new demographics and locations where your product promises new revenue streams.

Our Workflow & Process

Our workflow does not consist of a black-box model. We do not simply take your numbers, work on them blindly, and send you the final report. It is rather important to work together to unite our data knowledge and your business knowledge to craft the optimal solution iteratively. If wished-for, we will take care to train your department to utilize your new set of tools independently such that you stay a data-driven company.

Research Analysis

Working with an independent partner can have its benefits because your employees might be “trapped” in the box of their daily work. It can help a business a lot to take in external minds with a different approach to reveal new opportunities.

Find A Plan That’s Right For You

Our solutions are individual. Meaning we can help startups without many resources on a pay-per-sale basis or huge enterprises alike. Of course, an expensive Hadoop cluster costing thousands a month might not be the right solution for a new startup, and a standard dashboard might not be sufficient for an international enterprise. contact us and we will work out a scalable solution matching your resources.