Make Your Business Ambitions a Reality

Being a lean startup ourselves we are experts in constantly rethinking our business using data, the newest tools, and trying new experimental business fields.
As a business owner, you might be thinking about how you could enhance, or speed up some processes, or increase the potential of your HR. We have worked with several different business fields and try to stay an agile company, therefore we might have experienced the perfect solution for your problems already.

Our Lean Business Approach

As a business in the area of new technology, a lean mindset is essential.
Enterprises oftentimes execute decisions affecting a large portion of their business without measuring the effect and minimizing damage.
The goal of a lean company is to take many small iterative steps, or prototypes before implementing a great change in the company and constantly measure and evaluate data.
For example, when implementing a new feature on our website we are doing A/B tests (showing x-percent of customers our page A, and x-percent of customers page B), measure values (in this case for example bounce rate and conversions) and finally decide if we should implement this feature or not – and all that in days.
If something does not work our business is not heavily affected, and we can pass on a new feature without huge losses, if it works, we can further enhance the feature or test it on a larger portion of our customers.

This process can be summarized into three simple steps, that are constantly running in an automated fashion:

1. Rethink (Data Analytics)

What are new ways that your business could try? Are there hidden opportunities? New demographics? Should an area in your business be decreased in favour of another? The goal of this step is to formulate a goal or specific idea that will be tested in the next steps.

2. Execute

The goal of a lean company is to stay flexible and try the ideas formulated beforehand as fast as possible. Measure the progress on the way.

3. Review & Implement

In this step, the data gathered before is analyzed, and if your measured value statistically significantly increased, the new feature is implemented and new ideas on top of this feature are generated (step 1).
Finally, the process starts again from the beginning.


1. Differentiate Through New Services

We are a technology leader, meaning we constantly research and implement state-of-the-art tools. Avoid making the wrong choice and learn how to engage customers in turbulent new times.
Old business models are changing and need to be transferred to the digital world. Save yourself the trouble and connect with an expert.

2. Boost the Customer Experience

Customer Experience is becoming more and more important. The modern customer most likely researched your business online before contacting you, and sales are increasingly taking place in the online world.

Your goal is to reach the customer long before seeing him face-to-face.

3. Enhance operational efficiency and increase productivity

“Without big data, you are blind and deaf and in the middle of a freeway.”

– Geoffrey Moore

Almost all business decisions nowadays are based on gut feeling. But more than often these decisions end up costing millions, and even if the company is not going bankrupt it is still missing out on a lot of unseen potentials.

Uncover your hidden opportunities now and let us uncover treasures in your data.