HPW & BMW Cloud Migration

project image


BMW plans to secure its local data in a hybrid cloud environment at 63 locations worldwide. For this purpose, HPE was engaged to work on a hybrid solution that uses their own on-site servers as well as the public cloud.


Linux, VMWare, HP Server, Networking, AWS, GCP, Azure, S3, Kubernetes, Scality, Cohesity, veeam, veritas, tape libraries, AWS Direct Connect


I was hired by HPE for the BMW project to support HPE in the area of public cloud. Unfortunately, I can’t give any details due to the NDA, but HPE will use their own servers on site to cache a local copy of the data, but then using direct connections to the public cloud in reference to different storage classes, the data will be stored deduplicated in multiple public clouds. The whole system is continuously monitored and started using scheduling tools. A lot of custom Linux programming was required for this project.

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