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We love the union of Data and Cloud. Many companies do not make use of their data, even though enormous new opportunities are hiding in plain sight. To process these huge amounts of data, a stable public cloud or Kubernetes is required, to make use of distributed processing and autoscaling. What We Do ? Head over to our Case Studies to find our portfolio, or contact us right away for a free 15-minute consultation.

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We Believe in Quality

Only the best quality establishes a trust-based relationship and develops long-term cooperation.

We believe in Speed

We utilize a strategy called rapid prototyping, which iterates and presents you with several milestones during our development, to both test ideas, and avoid a final product that does not fit your requirements.

We Believe in Technology

To achieve our task and to give the best fitting consultation, we are constantly scouting and applying the newest technology to stay an industry leader.


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You should not have to worry about speed of your servers, or resource limits. Focus your attention on where your business needs it, and leave the handling of technology to us. We are experts in Hosting of Data and Applications according to EU and German regulations, and can scale deployments easily using either the public cloud like AWS, or a private Datacenter which runs Kubernetes.

Utilizing the newest technology, we are able to make your applications scalable according to demand. Why is this important? Think of Black Friday. Once a year the traffic to shopping sites is huge, and will crash normal websites easily. But on the other days traffic is low. Now if you would buy a huge server to handle the Black Friday traffic, it will idle the rest of the time and cost you a lot of money. Wouldn’t it be nice if it just adapts to demand? This is what autoscaling does.
American companies can be forced to access your data, according to the Patriot act. Besides that the new DSGVO regulations require every European company to host sensitive data in Europe instead of America. Apart from image problems and intellectual losses such a loss would entail, the European law can fine up to 4% of the comapany’s yearly revenue if some regulations are violated. Act now and host your data in a secure and compliant way.
Are you sitting on tons of data but do not know how to use it? We can help you with that. We have extensive knowledge in Data Engineering and Analytics, and can churn through Terabytes of data using Machine Learning models and Distributed computing. Join the big companies and discover new markets, customers and hidden secrets in your data.

What our Clients say


Justin could not have been a better hire! Not only did he drastically improve our backend architecture and nearly eliminate our tech-debt, he also taught us a great deal and pushed our company forward in the right direction. Justin is an expert architect who deeply understands how backend systems should be designed and is able to eloquently explain these concepts to members of the team who are less experienced. When things break, he is available to troubleshoot. When education is requested, he provides in-depth documentation, recorded videos, and one-on-one sessions to ensure that the concepts are understood by all and that tasks can be replicated without his assistance. He helped our team immensely and I whole-heartedly recommend him to any other team who is need of a highly proficient technical consultant – whether your needs are from the architect and consulting side, the technical development side, or some combination of the two, Justin is your guy.

Holden (

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